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At Kee Transport, we offer more than services; we provide tailored solutions for your unique heavy haulage needs. With seasoned expertise and a dependable fleet, we offer seamless transportation for oversized cargo, ensuring secure and timely deliveries. Our commitment to flexibility shines through in our approach to extendable loads, ensuring the safe transport of large and lengthy items. Whether you’re looking to cross borders effortlessly in the UK or expand your reach in Europe, our reliable network guarantees trustworthy and punctual deliveries.

We specialise in the delicate task of transporting windmill components, navigating the intricacies with hands-on experience for a secure and timely delivery. Our commitment extends beyond transport with 24/7 breakdown and recovery services, providing peace of mind for uninterrupted heavy haulage operations. Additionally, Kee Transport offers reliable and accessible storage solutions tailored to meet your warehousing needs. Choose Kee Transport for a comprehensive package of expertise, reliability, and flexibility in heavy haulage solutions.

Heavy Haulage

Mastering the intricacies of transporting substantial loads is where Kee Transport excels. Our experienced team and specialised fleet ensure secure and efficient transportation, meeting the challenges of heavy haulage with precision.

Extendable Loads

Flexibility defines our approach to transport, especially with extendable loads. We accommodate large and lengthy items seamlessly, prioritising safety and precision throughout the transportation process.

UK Transportation

Connecting destinations within the UK is simplified with our reliable transportation services. Trust Kee Transport for timely and trustworthy deliveries, seamlessly crossing borders and ensuring your cargo reaches its destination on schedule.

EU Transportation

Expanding your reach into Europe is made smoother with Kee Transport. Our specialised European transportation services provide a reliable and secure means to transport your cargo across borders, meeting the diverse demands of European destinations.

Windmill Components

Kee Transport specialises in the intricate task of transporting windmill components. Our hands-on experience ensures the safe and timely delivery of these specialised and oversized parts, meeting the unique demands of the job.

24 hr Breakdown and Recovery

Kee Transport stands ready with 24/7 breakdown and recovery services. Our dedicated team ensures prompt assistance, supporting the continuity of heavy haulage operations with minimal downtime.


Beyond transportation, Kee Transport provides reliable and accessible storage solutions. Our commitment to secure warehousing is tailored to meet your storage needs, offering a dependable space for your goods outside the transport journey.

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