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Boasting a rich legacy of over 12 years, Kee Transport stands as a seasoned expert in heavy haulage. Recognising the unique challenges heavy loads present, we prioritise safety through stringent precautions and constant communication with clients, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency at every juncture. From inception to delivery, we cover every aspect of transport and haulage, guaranteeing safety as our paramount concern.

As specialists in providing tailored transport solutions for wide and abnormal loads across Ireland and the UK, our team brings extensive expertise in handling specialised vehicles and intricate route planning. Meticulously planning and executing logistics, we ensure your cargo is not only delivered safely but also on time and within budget. Kee Transport is your comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ for all heavy freight needs.

Our heavy haulage services are perfectly suited for transporting plant machinery, windmill components, and other hefty equipment. No matter the cargo, our extensive fleet of heavy haulage trucks, configured to handle single loads or complex freights, ensures a seamless and reliable transportation experience. Choose Kee Transport – where experience meets excellence in heavy haulage.

Heavy Haulage Services Ireland & UK
Kee Transport Heavy Haulage Services

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Abnormal Loads & Wide Loads

Abnormal Loads & Wide Loads

Handling abnormal and wide loads is a craft that demands expertise and a commitment to reliability – qualities that define Kee Transport’s approach to heavy haulage. With a specialised focus on transporting oversized and wide-ranging cargo, we bring expertise honed over years of successfully managing intricate logistics. Our dedicated team, well-versed in handling everything from large-scale machinery to expansive industrial equipment, ensures meticulous planning and execution. Kee Transport’s fleet of heavy haulage trucks, configured to accommodate abnormal loads, stands ready to undertake the most challenging transport projects. Whether across Ireland or the UK, our unrivaled proficiency in handling abnormal and wide loads guarantees a seamless and secure journey for your valuable cargo, reaffirming our position as your trusted partner in heavy haulage excellence.

Specialist Equipment for Heavy Haulage

At Kee Transport, we take pride in our specialised equipment tailored to meet your unique heavy haulage needs. Our diverse fleet, combined with the profound knowledge and experience of our team, ensures that we possess the capability to support a spectrum of transport projects. Our fleet includes heavy haulage transport units ranging from 80 to 250-ton trucks and a variety of specialised trailers, such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 extendable low loaders, low beds, and power steering extendable flatbeds and low loaders.

Specialist Equipment for Heavy Haulage
Comprehensive Solutions, Tailored to You

Comprehensive Solutions, Tailored to You

At Kee Transport, we go beyond just transportation – we offer a full-service solution. Our pride lies in fostering close relationships with our customers, investing time to comprehend the complete project scope and providing unwavering support throughout the entire logistics process. From route surveys, scheduling, paperwork, to project management, we cover it all. Complementing our heavy haulage service, Kee Transport extends a comprehensive range of logistics solutions, from warehousing and storage to general haulage and specialised heavy lifts. Choose Kee Transport for an all-encompassing solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

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