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Welcome to Kee Transport, where we’ve been proudly moving heavy loads for over a decade. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of getting things right. Our commitment revolves around providing timely, helpful service at competitive prices. We treat your equipment as if it were our own, and our diversified fleet is ready to tackle the challenges of any shipment.

Safety is our top priority, and we guarantee the secure transport of wide, abnormal, and heavy haul shipments. With a team of permit experts and logistics specialists, we ensure on-time delivery and perfect condition, regardless of destination, complexity, or size.

Covering a range of heavy haulage needs, Kee Transport utilises a diverse fleet of 80 to 250-ton trucks for plant machinery, extendable loads, and windmill components. Our versatile fleet features a range of specialised trailers, meticulously designed to fulfill diverse heavy haulage needs. This includes extendable low loaders with 3 to 7 extenders, offering flexibility and efficiency for transporting loads of various lengths. Our low beds are specifically crafted for the smooth and stable transport of heavy and oversized equipment. Additionally, our power steering extendable flatbeds and low loaders are engineered to provide enhanced maneuverability, ensuring precise positioning of your cargo. Whatever your heavy haulage requirements, our array of specialised trailers is tailored to meet them with precision and reliability.

We also go beyond transport, managing customs, providing storage, and offering 24-hour breakdown assistance. Serving Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the UK, Kee Transport ensures a smooth and reliable heavy haulage journey.

Kee Transport Heavy Haulage Services Ireland & UK
Kee Transport Heavy Haulage Services Ireland & UK

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